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Welcome to the Family

Old world quality. Local inspiration.

Many of our recipes were passed down from my grandmother, Marta Volpe, who emigrated to the United States in the early 20th century from Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy. The word Volpe, which translates to fox, can also refer to a sly person. At Caffè della Volpe, we hope you will enjoy the crafty ways we’ve found to blend traditional Italian favorites with fresh ingredients from an array of experienced local artisans.




Modern American.
Classic Italian.

Experience an authentic European style cafe without the long flight. At Caffè della Volpe, we serve simple comfort foods made in-house from the best local and imported ingredients. Most of our dishes are meant as cicchetti, handheld snacks packed with flavor in every bite. Start your day with homemade frittatas and cappuccino and don't forget to pop in for lunch, where you can treat yourself to fresh focaccia and creamy gelato. We really hope you enjoy our modern take on some classic Italian dishes as much as we love bringing them to you!

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